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Glen Avon Mill Tours

One of the few places you can go in South Africa to see a working 1860's water mill!

The Glen Avon Water Mill is certainly one of the best preserved mills in Southern Africa. Its uniqueness and great historical and cultural value cannot be overlooked. It is a three floor grist overshot mill that was built in about 1862, and has a massive 8.4m diameter steel wheel. In addition, although not currently functional, the numerous machines associated with and accommodated inside the mill such as the maize threshing machinery, winnowers, ‘New Improved Corn grinder’ and wood splitter are all of mechanical and historical significance.

Open for groups of 5 or more.

Ideal for school children.

Contact Information

Fiona Brown

074 342 9550

Glen Avon Farm, 715656, 25.644505, Somerset East, South Africa

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