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Greg and Fiona Brown


074 342 9550 or 042 243 3629


Glen Avon Farm, The Old Homestead, Somerset East, 5850

Hart Cottage is a rustic, family-style garden cottage that sleeps 5 people. It is an original 1817 thatched wattle and daub dwelling that is set in a garden amongst oak trees and white stinkwoods, and gives a spectacular view of Avon Head across the pastures.

Situated in the Garden of the Old Homestead, Garden View, is a spacious self-catering cottage that comfortably accommodates two people. There is a double bedded open-plan room with an en-suite bathroom that is fitted with a shower. The open-plan kitchenette is equipped with a microwave, kettle, toaster, fridge and a 2-plate stove/oven. The sheltered stoep, with its view of Avon Head, is the ideal spot to braai and from which to spot the abundant bird life.

Although it is a separate establishment from Glen Avon B&B, it is still on the same family farm, with the same attractions and opportunities (See

The two establishments are a stone’s throw from each other, and although further to drive between the two, it’s a quick 2 minute stroll through a pasture and over a quaint log bridge. Great for multi-family holidaying!


Housekeeping, Free WiFi, Tea & Coffee


Child-Friendly, Breakfast, Parking - Off street, Garden, Swimming Pool, Dinner


Loadshedding free; Walking and Hiking; Birding

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