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Somerset East Agricultural Show

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

The Somerset East Agricultural show is quite the event to be at in the equestrian circles in the Eastern Cape!

Held every year in September/October (COVID permitting!) the local Show committee works hard to organise this prestigious event, featuring SA National equestrian championships.

This year they had many challenges, and the weather on Saturday 2nd October was one of them; wind, a thunderstorm, cold and heat – all four seasons in one day!

170 horses were brought to the show by their proud owners to compete, and they didn’t disappoint. Hundreds of other livestock were also exhibited at the show.

The programme included SA National Boerperd championships, SA National Saddler championships, a Boer goat competition, a fat lamb competition, a Miniature horse show, a Youth competition, and a Dog show organised by our local Veterinary Clinic, Bosberg Vets.

The list of sponsors is a large one; many local individuals and businesses, as well as those from further afield. Some national companies also sponsor this event.

There were numerous stalls and exhibitions, a gymnastics display by a local youngster, and a spitbraai.

Two days of family entertainment in the open air. Add it to your calendar for 2022!

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