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Glen Avon Waterfall

Somerset East lies below the Boschberg mountain which is anything but typical Karoo. The mountainside is covered in forest and they say that after good rains up to 16 waterfalls can be seen from town.

Located in a hidden valley close to town is the Glen Avon Waterfall. The waterfall, the scale of which is only appreciated from close up, is said to have one of the highest drops of water on private land.

Getting to the waterfall isn’t just a park and stroll. It’s at least a 10 km hike that takes you through indigenous forest into a riverine-forested valley where sneezewood and cabbage trees grow. The waterfall and the kloof have been declared the Glen Avon Falls Natural Heritage Site (No 71). Bird watchers have identified 235 species of birds, ranging from small sunbirds to birds of prey and an occasional sighting of the rare Cape Vulture.

Access by prior arrangement only

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