The village of Cookhouse is located on the Roodewal Farm, along the banks of the Great Fish River. Cookhouse boasts a famous railway station, once vital and bustling, and now, though still in use, a show of what it was in its heyday. The railways station has been immortalized in Chris Mann’s poem, “On Cookhouse Station”.

Cookhouse offers the history enthusiast a number of memorials and sites that commemorate key events in South Africa history. From the controversial Slachter’s Nek Memorial monument, the Thomas Pringle cairn – a monument erected to commemorate the Fallen Heroes of the Struggle and the Fairworld Fine Wool Museum, which showcases the history of sheep farming and wool production in this rich farming area.

The museum is situated close to Cookhouse, and shares space with the Elizwe Ceramic Studio where aspiring local artists are trained in traditional African clay pottery techniques using clay from the river to throw their own pots. This studio provides skills development as well as economic opportunities for a community that is battling HIV and poverty.