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Fly Fishing

Wild Fly Fishing in the Karoo

Fly Fishing
Fly Fishing in the Karoo? Who would have thought that there would be pristine waters perfect for trout in this semi-desert we call the Karoo?

The Karoo, in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa is classed as arid, semi-desert, which means that people don't associate it with fly fishing. But even though the Karoo is always imagined as semi-desert, it is far more diverse than that. Somerset East has five biomes within 20 km of the town. These biomes include Savannah, Grassland, Nama Karoo, Thicket, and Forest. The Boschberg Mountain that hugs the town also creates a micro-climate, which, under normal circumstances, provides us with an average of 30 inches of rain each year. In good rainy seasons, fifteen waterfalls can be seen from the town on the Boschberg Mountain.

Wild Fly Fishing in the Karoo has secured exclusive access to several dams (still waters) and stretches of river in the Somerset East district for fly fishing. When you fly fish these exclusive waters, you will experience the majesty of the Karoo, with no interruptions – well, except maybe a trophy sized trout at the end of your fly line! The best catch is a 6.48 kg (just over 14 lb) rainbow trout hen that was caught in the river in 2013, a record size for river trout in South Africa.

Flies can be ordered via email or by phone, and have been sent all over the country!

Contact Information

Alan Hobson

082 442 2884

8 Scallen St, Somerset East, 5850, South Africa

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