Glen Avon Falls, Somerset East

This waterfall, the scale of which is only appreciated from close up, has the reputation of being one of the highest drops of water on private land.

Glen Avon Falls, near Somerset East  Glen Avon Falls in spate, near Somerset East

A refreshing dip in the pool below the falls awaits you at your destination.

Alternatively one can hike to the top of the mountain and down into the gorge above the falls.

At the foot of Glen Avon Falls, near Somerset East Rock pool, Glen Avon Falls, near Somerset East

From the falls the river runs through a gorge with spectacular pools.  Curently, due to Covid, access to the falls is closed.

Further downstream the gorge widens up into a lush valley.

From there the water is directed to a series of farm dams. Water from the falls was also used by Robert Hart for a watermill which he constructed between 1822 and 1825.

The river running through Glen Avon Farm, Somerset East View of Glen Avon Farm, Somerset East

Machinery and equipment for the Mill was shipped from England and transported by oxwagon via the old Zuurberg Pass from Port Elizabeth.

At Glen Avon the Mill was assembled and installed. All the woodwork in the Mill is of Yellowwood that was cut on Boschberg.

The water from the dams is also used for agricultural purposes resulting in ideal pastures for the Merino sheep farmed since the 1820s.

The water wheel at Glen Avon Mill, Somerset East Glen Avon Mill, Somerset East

The Mill can be viewed by prior arrangement with Glen Avon Farm.


Glen Avon Falls Gallery


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